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Smartphones have come a very long way in the lives of people both for good and some ways we may see as bad but the truth still remains that smartphones were one of the best things that have happened to this generation, that’s why we have decided to talk about the best selling smartphones brands in Africa in case you decide to change upgrade the current phone you are using now.

Since the first smartphone created by IBM was launched in the year 1994, that was when things started putting another shape, people now realized that they can do more than just answer calls and read text messages and truly used for their betterment.

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In today’s post, I will be sharing with the use the correct statistics were have made about the phone brands companies that are mostly used by Africans.

Africa is a very large market for phone manufacturers because none of these companies are founded in Africa and the world sees Africa as a consumer continent which is very true to the core.

I have not seen any very useful thing manufactured in Africa that the international world can benefit from and that gave me the enthusiasm to make this post which is to educate us to know the best selling smartphone brands in African so we can know the kind of phone brand we are to buy if we decide to buy a phone today.

The reason being that sometimes your smartphone may develop a problem that required technical handling, you need a phone that can be easily prepared even if some parts of the phone require replacement.

Percentage Of Market Share OF Best Selling Smartphones In Africa

Some phone brands have more market share in Africa than others, this makes market share showcase their dominance against other phone companies in the African market.


60.3% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


34% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


40.% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.SAMSUNG

31.85% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


35.4 Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


41.1% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


65% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


15.9% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


23.4% Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.


24.3 Mobile Vendor Market Share In Africa.

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Best Selling Smartphones Brand You Should Consider Buying

In Africa there are some sets of smartphones we seem to favor more than the other due to our wants, many smartphone companies focus on Africa when building their smartphones in order to meet our needs and demands.

This has even made this company open customer services in various locations in the country so they can better serve their consumers. Below are some companies that target Africa as their number one selling market, you should consider buying anyone one the smartphone brands listed below.

1. Tecno

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Tecno company was founded in the year 2006 but was never popular to the world or let me say to Africans, not until 2010 that they started manufacturing turning the android phone.

Then android was in high demand by consumers but the companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony, and LG were selling their products very costly in which a regular middle-class man can not afford to buy the phone at that moment,

Then Tecno noticed this and came into the market with plenty of cheap android phone because I could remember that at that point I bought the Tecno model N2 that runs of Android 2.0, the phone though was cheap offers the same value as the high end and expensive android counterparts phones was offering, so people took hold on the cheapness of the phone and started buying it.

From that moment, Tenco took hold of the African smartphone market, it has always remained the best selling smartphone brand in the African market even up till this moment.

I don’t think there is any best selling smartphone company that is selling more than Tecno in Africa though they have rapidly increased the prices of their smartphones because they have taken hold of the mind of the people, they still make their sells and Africa still remains their most selling place.

2. Infinix

Infnix phone brandsprof.com

It may surprise some of you that Infinix is still own by Tecno company which is the no1 best selling smartphone in Africa and I don’t think they want to sell the company anytime soon. After Tecno was launched and saw a bit light of success, Infinix was launched but the same company that owns Tecno, this is just a strategy to gain the mind of people the more.

Infinix has great software features and can be seen as a phone more superior than Tecno but the fact was Infinix was made to feature a more beautiful outlook, more tweakable software, and more glorified android software that gives you all you want but Tecno gives you more lasting durability.

Now 20% of Nigerian people use infinix even some of them prefer not to use any other phone if not infinix.

3. Itel

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Itel is still owned by the same company that owns Tecno and Infinix which happened to be the best selling smartphones “Astonishing right?” yes this company has the whole market in their palm because they realized what people didn’t before, now companies like Back Wave, Fero, Umi, etc are trying to break into the African market which is not very easy and has not been so easy for them in any way.

Itel is one of the most used smartphones in Africa because of its quality though not fancily made as people may want it to be but the phone has proved that its duration is out of this world.

The only issue with the phone is the specifications, the company has refused to upgrade the phone to Ram and Rom maybe because it doesn’t get sells as Tecno and Infinix do. You can get Itel replacement if yours damage in almost all the phone retail store or passes.

4. Samsung

Samsung office brandsprof.com

Samsung product made to our list of the best selling smartphones but the phone is way more expensive than other products used in Africa, let’s take a look at TV and DVD produced by Samsung, you will agree with me that it is one of the most expensive devices that people use in their home, if you visit your friend’s house and you see them using Samsung devices and appliances, you get to see them as rich people.

Still, Samsung phones remain the best selling phone in Africa even though the prices are out of this world, a friend of mine just purchased the new Samsung s20+ that comes with the latest 5G networked band, the phone cost #405000. if you are buying a phone around here I will advise you to purchase those phones if you have the money to afford one.

5. Xiaomi

xiaomi office brandsprof.com

Yes, Xiaomi phones are one of the most used and best selling smartphones in Africa, though you may not see people around you using it which came as a surprise to me when I checked the stat of the phone usage in Africa, I was surprised to have found out that many people are now switching to Xiami from their previous phone making the phone one of the best selling smartphones in Africa currently.

6 Nokia

Nokia office brandsprof.com

Right from start, Nokia phones have been best selling smartphones in Africa and Europ, then we were young we never regard other phones apart from Nokia phones as any phone, this continued till when Nokia signed a contract with Microsoft.

Instead of them taking the treading, the decision to make something new which was building a phone that runs on Windows mobile in which HTC tried and failed. Not until recently.

I think around 2015 that the realized that they have messed up and decided to start producing android phone, but lots of companies have taken their stand in the mind of people but they still remains one of the best selling phones in Africa.

7. iPhone

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iPhone is unique due to its iOS and the camera IC it comes with, iPhone is more like a show-off the phone in Africa and will remain till someone else comes to take their place, many young g men and women have choosing to be using iPhone.

Though it’s very expensive, people go out of their ways to get one so as to show off to their friends that they are using the treading. every six months, iPhone drops a new brand of iPhone and it becomes the best selling smartphone in Africa.

8. Gionee

gionee brandsprof.com

Though the company has stopped the production of phones at a point, they were the best selling smartphones in Africa, their phones still remain the best selling phones around, many people chose to be using Gionee due to phone durability and quality build.

I was a fan of Gionee phones even up till now I still prefer their phones just that they no more produce news phones so I have to switch to other brands. Gionee still remains the best selling phone in Africa currently.

9. LG

LG brandsprof.com

Lg phones are one of the best selling smartphones in Africa though not as other phones mentioned above, they still get their selling really well down in Africa due to its phone quality and smartness, the company has a unique way of keeping their customers off guard to maintain their loyalty to their products and its working really well for them.

So if you are thinking of getting a phone, you can check out LG because it’s one of the best phones selling down here.

10. Huawei

Huawei brandsprof.com

Huawei is one of the best selling smartphones currently in Africa due to the phone durability and quality, though the product sale other things like modern, Mifi, Wifi and other appliances, people prefer to use their product due to it serves them the way they want it to serve them I use the Wifi and modern and can testify that tye serves well and deserve more than 5 stars. If you are going for a phone or other items the produce, I will advise you to go for them.

Best Selling Smartphones Brands In Africa Conclusion

Currently, these phones are making waves in this African market and will remain like until there are some changes that may occur in the African smartphone market which am sure won’t be anytime soon. Feel free to share your thought because I believe many of you have things to say. you can visit gsmarena for the phone’s specifications

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