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Due to report and insecurity reason, there have been risen questions by people, question that many have asked themselves and questions that need an urgent answer, many people do not even know they have to ask themselves this very question, and many that have asked themselves this question have not gotten an answer to it.

That question is, Is My Phone Trackable? Yes, your phone is trackable!! If you use the internet, there must be that one time you may have mistakenly leaked your location meaning you are very vulnerable to attacks or to people that want to harm you in person, So how would you avoid that? You can avoid being traced by people just by changing your phone IMEI.

How Is That Possible

Changing smartphones IMEI is not a new thing, it has been the way of life of some tech geeks that knows that important. Far back 2014 people change their IMEI to be able to access the internet for free, while others do it for other purposes known by them, but why am teaching you this today is for you to use it in securing yourself from attacks by people.

How Do I Change My Phone IMEI

The first thing you have to do is to get your phone rooted. You can root your smartphone with kingroot which you can download from HERE then download this app that you will use for the tweak, the app is called chamelephone and you can download it from HERE.

Dial *#06# and copy out your authentic IMEI, then save it in a safe place.

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Steps To Follow In Order To Change Your Phone IMEI

Step 1: Run and set up the downloaded Camelephon app in your gadget

Step 2: Open the installed Chamelephon Click on Authorize

Step 3: The primary field is for the IMEI of the sim 1, in case you are using a dual sim phone. And the second field for Sim 2.

Step 4: make sure you have already generated the IMEI you want to change it with.
Note: To tweak your IMEI with chameleon, you will have to give two valid IMEI for each area (sim1 & sim2). This means to change the IMEI of sim1, you should change that of sim2 also.

Step 5: Paste your new IMEI”s within the areas provided and tap the “Apply new IMEI ” button.

Step 6: Verify the change

Put your phone in flight mode or reboot it for the phone to accept the new IMEI. Dial *#06# to confirm that the IMEI has been changed.

If you have any question, you can ask below using the comment box am always at your service…..

Credit: Techflez

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