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Coca-cola is the best selling drink brands around the world that many people around the globe, the company has a very good reputation when it comes to making the best of drinks and beverages.

Cryptocurrency has been one growing method of payment that many top companies now accept as means of payment, Cocacola is not left out of the game as they are now accepting Bitcoin which is the largest Crypto Currency around as mode of payment.


Cocacola announced that It has partnered with Digital Asset Platform Centrapay to integrate Bitcoin into its accepted payment method for the company vending matching across Australia and New Zeland, which means that it now has over 2,000 smart vending machines that accept cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin as its mode of payment.

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Coca-cola Amatil owns the machine that runs transactions, which is a regional bottler and distributor of Coca-Cola products. Meanwhile, the Atlanta-based soft drink producer is a significant shareholder in the distributor; the two are separate companies.

The previous and new transactions are conducted through a New Zealand-based Centrapay and Sylo Smart Wallet, which it currently users rates up to about 250,000 users. The Sylo app is very free for download by new users on their smartphones, add bitcoin to their wallets, and scan a QR code to purchase Amatil products.

Dorian Johannink, the co-founder and business manager of Sylo, said that the digital wallet could typically store, send and receive cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ERC20-compatible tokens like its own SYLO listed on Hong Kong exchange KuCoin.

“But for the Coke scenario, it’s just supported for bitcoin initially for the trial run, but we may extend the functionality.”

Sylo’s main focus is not on the use of bitcoin as a payment form because he surely knows that when buying a Coke with bitcoin sounds very interesting, though the cryptocurrency has limited scalability, processing an average of 1 megabyte worth of transactions every 10 minutes, after which bitcoin miners prioritize transactions with higher fees.

But on the vision of connecting crypto to the real world and using the architecture of this trial to roll out digital assets as payment tools more broadly. Centrapay partnered with Twitter Monday, echoing Sylo in claiming it was the “first step toward mainstream digital transactions.

” The future, as Sylo envisions it, will allow customers to purchase a digital asset in the real world, perhaps a Coke token, and use it to purchase products.

Covid-19 Made Cashless Transactions Necessary

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no one is seen working around the road, no plane flying around from one country to another and no plans to resume soon, this brought a desperate measure to many companies just like coca-cola that their customers around the globe need their services and their product.

Bitcoin being the best cryptocurrency to use for transactions without being present there and without the fear of crashing now became the best option to transact. Centrapay has the belief that the partnership with Coca-Cola Amatil will bring easy access to crypto payments for the bottler’s 270 million global consumers.

How To Use Bitcoin To Purchase From Coca-cola

Just as other companies that have been using bitcoin as a payment mode, companies like Microsoft and other top brands, Coca-cola bitcoin payment mode is no deferent.

First, before you can be able to purchase with bitcoin, you must first have a bitcoin wallet where you will bank your bitcoin and can easily transact from there. I will recommend blockchain for you, so you don’t get any problems.

  1. Visit coca-cola website
  2. choose the goods you want to purchase
  3. chose your payment mode to be Bitcoin
  4. Pay by scanning the barcode that appears on your screen, and the amount will be devoted from your bitcoin wallet.

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