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Due to the economic state of Nigeria, many Nigeria has opt-in to buying Tukmbo cars that are a lot cheaper than the brand new ones, many people may not know how to buy tokunbo cars in Nigeria which have warrant me to make this article today.

To educate you more on what tokunbo cars mean for those that may not know what it stands for.

What Is Tokunbo Cars

“Tokunbo” is a name that was translated from the Yoruba or Oduduwa language spoken by those living in the western part of Nigeria. This means ”from overseas”, tokunbo cars, or “tokens” started gaining its popularity in the late 1980s to early 1990s following Nigeria’s economic meltdown. When brand new or “tear rubber” cars became very expensive for the middle man in Nigeria to afford, foreign used cars became the alternative. Car dealers in the country are displaying these imported used cars. This phenomenon now has a permanent place in Nigeria. Lagos and Onitsha was the first place tokunbo cars were first sold in Nigeria; however, currently, you can find tokunbo cars display for sale all over the country.

How to buy cheap tokunbo cars in Nigeria

Buying tokunbo cars in Nigeria requires a very serious and careful study for you not to fall into the wrong hands. Buying tokunbo cars can be something that brings joy to the buyer or maybe packed with pain and regrets. Before you buy a tokunbo car in Nigeria, the default state of mind you should have when purchasing such a car is one of caution if not outright skepticism.

Always make sure you do some online research first to find out the state of the market on how to buy tokunbo cars. Most online auto resources advice sections provide constantly updated information and practical tips on making an informed decision, whether you are buying new or used.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Tokunbo Car

There are some things you need to make sure that are in place before you buy a tokunbo car in Nigeria


  1. Buy From A trsusted Seller

Buy from a trusted seller that gets his/her vehicles from a credible source. When buying from a website way may say that is safe and reliable you, be extremely cautious as you can’t always determine the kind of seller you are dealing with.

2. Make Every Deep Research

Make every deep research, such as carrying out a Carfax VIN (vehicle inspection number) check.

3. Contanct Specialists

Call a specialist to do a very terror inspection on the car. Check for signs of accidents, repair, flooding, or rust. Other pointers to the car’s condition are the state of the interior, tires, and signs of oil spillage. Use an auto-mechanic if possible. We have compiled a comprehensive pre-purchase checklist for your reference in our Car buying tips.

4. Be Sure The Documents Is Valid

Be very sure that all documents, including custom papers, are in order.

5. Make Sure You Meet The Seller In An Open Place

If buying online, make sure you meet with the person one on one, have a talk with the person, and make all the necessary preparation.

6. Find Out The Previouse Owner

Find out how long the previous owner used the car and check how healthy the car is all around.

Tokunbo Cars In Cotonou

Tokunbo cars are in Nigeria, so also in Cotonou these days. Due to the condition of importing goods from overseas through the ship and the stress one has to pass through in landing tokunbo cars in Nigeria, many importers use Cotonou to first land their tokunbo cars then send it into Nigeria by land.

This practice made the importation of these cars more cost-efficient since the importer does not have to be paying a huge amount of money for a single-car which will surely affect the price in which he will sell it to the consumers.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t find tokunbo cars to buy in Cotonou, you will surely find one to buy. Cotonou has one of the best tokunbo cars, you can choose to travel up to Cotonou to get your tokunbo car.

Cars Below 500 000 In Nigeria

If your budget Is low but still need a car that can serve you very well, you can visit below places where you can buy some cheap tokunbo cars that is with N500,000 and below.

1. Lagos, Lagos
2. Ikeja Lagos
3. Abuja
4. Enugu
5. Portharcourt

This very places listed above have some good dealers that can sell you a car that will serve you very well.

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