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The basic necessities of man (needs) in life are: Food, shelter and clothing. As clothing is one of the basic necessities, everyone wears them irrespective of their gender, age, level, class and size.

This therefore makes a clothing business a fast selling one, because everyone wears clothes and you will make a lot of sales when you start one.

The center of attraction in both male and female is the way the dress, there is an adage ” The way you dress, is how you will be addressed”.

Which means the way you dress speaks a lot about you, therefore you have to dress well in order to look classy and attractive.

Clothing Business
The cloth you wear will determine how attractive you will look, this therefore makes a clothing business a nice business to start up because both male and female wears beautiful clothes, if you start up a clothing business you will be patronized by a lot of people irrespective of their gender and make a lot of money.

There are a lot of clothes in the market different types, sizes, quality and colors. There are types like: the already -made clothes, the Nigerian-made clothes, the OK clothes, turkey wears etc. These clothes are all nice, but it depends on the one you want to start selling.



the first step to consider before starting up a clothing business, is how well you know the business.

Of course you cannot venture into something you know nothing about. The complete knowledge about clothes will help to distinguish between the clothes.

For instance if you want to start selling Ok clothes, the complete knowledge about clothes will enable you to know Ok clothes when you see them and not to buy Nigerian made clothes, thinking it is Ok clothes.

The complete knowledge of the business will also enable you know how much to buy the clothes in order to make a lot of profits, but in a situation where you don’t have any idea about the business you might be cheated in the market, you will buy the clothes so costly and at the end of the day.

You might sell the clothes below the cost price or exactly the cost price, which will lead the business into folding up.

So you have to know if not everything but at least a lot which will help you venture into the business and run not only a smooth business but also a successful one.

Also having a complete knowledge of the business will enable you to know to get these clothes at cheaper rates and of good quality, this will in turn make you a lot of profits and make the business a smooth and successful one.

So having a good knowledge about clothing business is a very good one because it will enable you not to make mistakes that will affect the business and ensure you run a smooth and successful business.



the money available for start up ( capital) is the second factor to be considered when you want to start up a clothing business. Because it is the amount of money you have that will determine how big the business will be.

You cannot have just 50k and be expecting your business to be exactly like the way, one who has 500k’s own looks. Because firstly with 50k you cannot rent a shop and also start up a business with just 50k, but there is a way you can go about it.

Let me share my experience on how I was able to start up a clothing business with 50k.
Firstly I had a good knowledge of clothing business so I knew what I wanted the line of clothing I wanted to go into and that was already- made clothes.

I didn’t have money to rent a shop because I just 50k to start up with (capital). So I selling the clothes online, I just had to snap pictures of the clothes I had and post it on social media platforms ( WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc).

I was able to make sales and deliver my goods to customer in different locations. I made a lot of money and after sometime I opened a boutique and the business continued to run smoothly and successfully.


importing this clothes will help you to make more money than buying it in the market. In countries like turkey, china, Dubai etc, this clothes are very cheap over there. For instance a cloth that you buy there $3, you can sell it here in Nigeria for $15, y that is alot of money. The good part of it, is that you can start importation with any amount you have.

All you have to do is to get a reliable online, make payments and the give them the samples of what you want and the will show the samples of what they have as well, pick the ones you want, make payments and it will be delivered to you after some weeks and you make a lot of money from there.

Importing this clothes is the best rather than buying it in the market because not only that you will make more profit but you will also get more beautiful and quality clothes.

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