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Starting a CCTV installation business is the best idea for those living in Nigeria, why? Because everybody wants to be secured, everyone wants to know what is going on in his or her environment so that no on-notice tragedy will occur.

Security is one of the problems we face in this part of the world, there are no adequate measures put in place to safeguard the lives of men, women, and children.

Because of this, many people are looking for ways to secure themselves and property in one piece, no one wants to lose any life or anything he or she has worked for. This is where your CCTV installation business comes in, you can start offering that service to people that need it.

The CCTV installation business does not need a special talent to do it, almost everyone can do it if you really want to.

We will be guiding you through how to start and run your CCTV installation business in Nigeria, we will be covering the steps you should take, the things to buy, and how to go about it.

Many people out there need your service and the fact that many people have not gotten into the business makes it a very hot one, you should consider yourself lucky if you are reading this article today

More companies are needing CCTV cameras in their building so they can be able to monitor employees’ movements and how they run the company. In some cases where the company enquire lost more than they can carry.

Sometimes this is due to the employer’s mischievousness or due to the nonchalant attitudes of employers but in which way, the management would love to know the causes and how to solve them.

the only way to know is to monitor the way about of the employers in the company building and this can be achieved by the help of CCTV cameras.

Things Needed To Start CCTV Installation Business

Step 1 Business Name

Step 2 Business Office  Location

Step 3 Business Card

Step 4 Business Equipment

Step 5 Business Plan

Step 6 Business Registration and License

Step 7 Business Website

Step 8 Startup Capital

Step 9 Business Target

Step 10 Business Strategy

Step 11 Advertisement

How To Start a CCTV Installation Business

First, we should understand the meaning of CCTV; CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is a means of technological means of security that can be used in the home or in the office.

It works by the means of observing and recording every movement around the surrounding where it is mounted and has a database where it stores all its data and recordings.

You can gain access to all the data stores in the database by accessing it to a computer that can also be referred to as the control units.

Before you go into the CCTV installation business, you should understand that CCTV installation is demanding and can take most of your time in a day that you have been called to do the job because it requires lots of diagnosing and checking each camera you have installed if they are working properly.

This procedure is not really an easy task but I tell you it really worth it because compared to the amount paid and the work done, the heavy task and the checkings amount to the money paid for it.

You have to also note that cctv installation is not just what you do once and go your way, it needs maintenance and updates to ensure that no one has tampered with anything in the house, there are security updates and maintenance checkings and you will be the one to be doing that.

In this relationship you have with those you help in installing cctv can also help you gain more customers, those men and women you have installed cctv in their homes and offices can recommend you to their friends that may be needing your services.

Business Name For Your CCTV Installation Business

Every business needs an identity and that identity will be what the business is known for, in today’s world, people need to be assured before they can patronize your business, and doing that needs you to gain your trust.

You don’t just walk out from your house one day and start going to people’s houses to tell them you offer CCTV installation to homes and offices. You need to first create an identity for yourself before you start.

This is one of the most vital aspects of your business, you need to choose a name for your CCTV Installation Business and make the name very simple for those that may forget.

You should choose a name that is related to the service you are offer and you should mind the keyword that is present in the name you are choosing, this implies that when someone hears the name, they will automatically know that the kind of business you are offering without them even meeting you.

Business Office  Location For Your CCTV Installation Business

Choosing a good business office and location will help you a lot, you need where people can easily locate you encase of any emergency and you need to ensure them that you will always be available to offer them your services at any point in time.

Business offices help bring more trust and respect to your business, you need to show how serious you are and how available you are to always serve your customers to their best satisfaction.

Your business location should be in a place that is very accessible at any time, it should be a market area or an open place where businesses are always on so that your customers can always visit to lay some complaints or to make more inquiries.

Decorate your office the best you can and make use of the cctv cameras yourself so that when one visits, he or she will see that you do not only sell the services, you also use the services you are selling.

Business Card For Your CCTV Installation Business

You need to have your business card so that you can share it with people that may need your services.

cctv Installation Business

Your business card should contain your number, email address, and website address so that people can easily use it to contact you at any time and even can share your business card around for others to know that you offer such services.

Your business card should look very good and neat in order to attract people’s attention. Contact a well experienced graphic designer to do the job for you.

You do not need to pay him or her a huge amount of money, you just need to negotiate and tell the designer the kind of thing you want and how the card should look

You should print your business card in a large quantity that will enable you to share it with people so that they can help you share it with other of their friends that may be interested in your CCTV installation business.

That is a very effective means of advertisement because people sometimes trust their friend’s judgments, so when they are being given this card by a friend they trust, they will surely patronize your business.

Business Equipment For Your CCTV Installation Business

Getting equipment for your CCTV installation business shouldn’t be much of a worry since you can actually buy it from china and have it shipped to you in under 2 weeks using FEDEX.

cctv Installation Business

Most Chinese Cctv cameras for installation are cheaper these days because the Chinese have made the production cost lower than how it used to, you can actually purchase from them in order to make your job easier for you to get.

In the past where I have done some CCTV installation for my clients, what I usually do is, when I get a job to install CCTV to a client home office.

I will inform the client that I want to give him or her the best service they will ever ask for and to achieve this, they will have to wait for some time (maybe 2 weeks) for the best materials to be ready.

When the CCTV installation business is sealed with the customer, I will now place my order from the company I do purchase my CCTV camera and equipment for installation, then wait for a while till it comes, I will not proceed in going to to the job.

Applying this strategy will send a signal to your client that you really value them and wants to give them the best service out there.

This will make them have the courage to refer others to you because they will believe that since you are able to treat them fine, you will also treat their friends with that same gesture in service rendering.

You can alose source for materials locally if you do not have any reliable source to buy from china, you can visit yaba market or computer village in Lagos to purchase the materials you need for the job.

When you get there, you should develop a good relationship with the seller so they can sell a good product to you or first make your research on the company that produces the best cctv installation materials.

After getting your results, proceed in purchasing that same product and the original in the market so you can be able to do your job.

Business Plan For CCTV Installation Business

Every successful business needs a business plan in order to know the steps and the direction the business should go so to achieve the target of that certain business in a short period of time.

A business plan can be defined as a well-written document that detailed how a running business or startup its objectives and how it is to go about achieving its goals.

A business plan lays out a written roadmap for the firm from marketing, financial, and operational standpoints.

The business plan you will develop for your CCTV installation business is a very important aspect of your business because through the business plan you will attract customers and potential investors that will help your business grow to the level you want it to go.

A business plan helps you gain more trust of anyone you have targeted as an investor in your company, no one wants to invest in a place where he or she is not guaranteed returns after a certain period of time.

Key Steps To Develop Business Plan For CCTV Installation Business

The objective of your business

This is where you write down the main focus of your cctv installation business, if you want the business to stand out of just a regular one that everybody else can go in and out.

Business goals

Here you write the goals you wish to achieve in your business and the period you want to achieve a certain level of success. You should realistic and have made all the necessary inquiries before you proceed.


This is where you write down where and how you want to start your CCTV installation business, the amount needs to start, and the kind of people you want as your first set of customers.

Strategy of achieving your aim

Here you write down the approach you want to use to make you stand out

Executive summary

Here you write down the strategy you want to use in getting your aim in a short while, write in plain language so that you won’t get confused when you go back to check it

Business Registration and License

You should register your business so that you can gain more trust in your company, everyone wants to be assured before letting anyone come render services for them and the way to assure them is by registering your cctv installation business.

Registering your business shouldn’t cost you much as you can get it cheaper by following the right steps, meet those you know have done similar things before, ask for their direction on how you can go about it, and let them tell you how they manage to get theirs without spending as much.

After registering your business, take the necessary steps to make sure that everything is validated and ready for use.

Business Website For Your CCTV Installation Business

In this modern world, owning your business website is very important, it acts as a trusted medium, it helps promote your business and it helps make your CCTV installation business accessible anytime anywhere.

cctv Installation Business

think about it, when someone to know about the services you offer and also see the sample of jobs you have done in the past, instead of calling you al asking you to send sample via Whatsapp, the person cal actually visit your website and check them out with ease.

On your CCTV installation business website, you should upload the sample of your previous jobs you have done for people, tell people you have installed a Cctv camera to drop testimonies on the website so that others can easily view them even before contacting you.

They already know that you are capable and just need to know the kind of services they want you to offer them.

Startup Capital For Your CCTV Installation Business

Every business needs a start-up capital the manager uses to start the business, you should save up some money to start your CCTV installation business so that you can be able to handle the expenses that come from every business.

You do not require lots of capital to start with but the money you have should be able to buy the tools you need to work, pay for an office and decorate it, buy CCTV camera for your first job, etc.

Void taking a loan if you can and avoid going into debt, Loans, and dept may ruin your business, you need to avoid all those things that may hinder you from getting success in your business.

If you must take a loan, make tangible plans on how to pay back, if you don’t a tangible plan, stay put, work out some money from your current job then invest it in your CCTV installation business.

Business Target

You should have a target and people you are focusing on for a start, you should first focus on some part of the city you are living in, get customers from that area, and expound your focus to another side of the state.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take jobs from the other side, you should but your main aim is to first get the heart of some parts them shift that attention to the other side, this strategy will really help you excel.

Business Strategy

Strategies for the success of your CCTV installation business, in a world of much competition, your strategy is the only way can conquer this situation.

Derive a pure strategy that will help you move forward in every way, this strategy should be clean, you don’t need to spend lots of money to get this strategy working since you do not have lots of capital to start your business with.

You can use the internet as a way of getting more information before you start, there are lots of information to get out there, many people that have years of experience in the CCTV installation business field are willing to share their experience in the business.

When you gather all this information, use it as best as you can by picking those tips that have to help them grow and avoid those mistakes they have made that draw them back.

Advatersing Your CCTV Installation Business

To get more customers, you need to advertise your CCTV installation business using Facebook or Google, you can choose to employ those that know how to run the adverts so they can help you run them or ask for help from those around you who have experiences on how to run Facebook and Google ads.

Also, put a billboard that will serve as a medium of the advert to people that may be passing by, it should be standing in front of your office, put up your phone number, email address, and website URL.

Create a Facebook page for your business, here you can also be updating your customers on the latest devices you have and how much it will cost them to upgrade or for you or install for them.

How To Install a CCTV Camera

1. Mounting the camera

You have to first mount the camera on the all or the position where it should be. Do not mount it close to a corner wall because it can not be able to capture all the premises if that is done.

2. Mount the DVR

The DVR of CCTV is the place where the surveillance hard disk is present and it stores all the recording done by the camera, this is the memory of the CCTV camera. It should be placed in a secured room to avoid getting tampered with by people.

3. Placing the cables

Plan a way to run your cables to the DVR and the control system. This should neatly done to avoid some messy work

4. Connecting CCTV wires

The video cable is connected through a BNC port. you have to first remove about 1.5cm of the outer covering of the video cable which should now expose the braids. Then slid crimping barrel onto the cable with a wider diameter facing towards the end of the cable.

This video below will help take you through installing a CCTV camera in a client’s home or office. You can take notes on how it’s done to avoid making mistakes while your practice the job.

You can take a day off, stream the video as many times as possible, if you do not have data to stream it, click here to get free internet browsing cheat so you can be able to watch and understand all the steps required to get it done in one piece.


This guide is all you need to start your CCTV installation business at any time, make sure to take your time and go through this detailed article, you should also ask questions on any part your get confused about so we can put you through. do share and invite your friends here.

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