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One of the point of attraction in a both men and women is their feet, therefore putting on a nice and beautiful foot wear is not a bad idea, because it makes one look attractive , speaks class, and makes your dressing complete. Infact you can’t go out without putting on/ wearing a footwear, this therefore makes a footwear business a good one to start, because people ( male and female) will always come and patronize you.

Footwear can be the following: Shoes, slippers, sandals, canvas, slip-on, sneakers, pams etc . So you can choose the one you want to start selling but all of them are worn and bought by people.

Footwear business is one of the lucrative business one can venture into . But the major challenges that alot of people face is the money available to start up with (capital) this business. Because alot of people might want to start the business but the money available (capital) might be discouraging them, this inturns makes them withdraw from their plans.

But in this page i will teach you how you can start up this foot wear business with little capital and run it smoothly and successfully.



the first step in starting a footwear business is to know if not everything but alot about foot wears, there is no way you are going to start up a business you know nothing about, it will make you buy fake footwears, because there are alot of foot- wears in the market, different sizes, different qualities and different company.

The moment you get to know all these things, and be able to differentiate them then you are a step ahead in starting a footwear business.

There are two types of foot wear, you will see in the market: the Nigerian-made footwear and Foreign- made footwears. The Nigerian-made footwear is cheaper in price but the Foreign-made footwears are more expensive and lasts long more than the Nigerian-made footwears, but in looks they look almost alike,a good knowledge of footwear will help you to be able to distinguish between the Nigerian-made footwear and Foreign-made footwear.

In a situation where by you cannot be able to distinguish between them, then you will be cheated when you go to buy them and at the end of the day you will be at loss, and before you know what is happening the business will fold up.

So having a good knowledge of footwear will enable you have a smooth run of a footwear business.


the amount of money available is a very important factor to consider when you want to start up a foot wear business, not just footwear business but any other business. Because it is the money available that will decide how big or how small the business will be.

Footwear business

But in a situation where they money available for the business (capital) is little, then they

following will help you run a smooth business.
This is from my experience, I started foot wear business with just 30k, and this was how I was able to have a smooth business.

Firstly I knew I had no money to rent a proper shop for the business, because I only had 30k, so I made social media platforms ( Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) my shop, by advertising my products there, all I needed was to snap the foot wears one after the other, when I buy them and post them on these platforms and to my greatest surprise, I started getting customers day by day and within a short while I had so many customers, and I was also getting referrals.

I was delivering my foot wears all over the states in Nigeria, the business became even more successful than it would have been if I had just a shop, because I would have just had just limited customers (just people around that area where my shop is located would have been patronizing me), but I had customers scattered all over Nigeria, and I made alot of money which just opening a foot wear shop in one location wouldn’t have given me, but online business gave it to me. 

After a while i rented a shop and started proper foot- wear business, and this time in a big way, but that didn’t stop me from doing the business online, because the money I make there is big. That was how I started my shoe business with 30k and right now they business is running not only smoothly but successfully.


footwears are very cheap in countries like China, Dubai etc. So buying footwears there are better than buying it here in Nigeria. For instance you can buy a footwear $1 over there and sell it $20 here in Nigeria, this is alot of money, so importing these goods are the best way to make more money from it, regardless of how much you started with ( capital).

All you have to do is get a reliable company online, show them a sample of what you need and make payments online and your goods will be delivered to you within a short while and you make alot of money from them.

Importation of this footwears is the best, especially when they money available ( capital) is small.

It will help buy alot of goods at cheaper rate over there and make alot of money here in Nigeria. So you see the little money you have (capital) is not a barrier for you not to start a foot wear business, just apply this principles and you will a have a smooth and successful Foot wear business and you will make alot of money.

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