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From my young age, I understand the benefits of starting a business, I always know that its good to have something you can call yours so that no matter the circumstance you can always fall back to it knowing it is always yours and yours alone.

When I and my siblings where very young, my dad runs an importation business where he has some people he employed to help him manage his business, I watch closely the way he treats them and how he manages his business to the extent I was already having a test of starting up my own business, so in few months I started saving some little money I had to start up my fame due to the fact that I have come to understand what it means to be independent of oneself, I never wanted to work for anyone and never wanted to be insulted by any because of this very course.

From that young age, I put together some kids around my neighborhood then I will always go to meet people that have cars telling them I have a car wash company that the can come and have their car wash very well and in return will pay us some money for the services. When these people come, I will provide materials for the washing, let those of my friends wash the body while I clean the tire, this went on for some time till my dad find out and had to stop me from doing that.

In that period I made some money of my own, also did my friends made money of their own through that business, some of them continue in that business while some stop with me, but those kids that went on with the business after I stop are now doing well for themselves because their parents didn’t stop them so the took that as an advantage to venture into other business that put them where they are today.

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Benefits of Starting a Business

The reason for this story is to let you know how important it is to have a business for yourself and, if I could understand the importance at that age, how about you that needs it the most. I have learned a lot from that single experience which has guided me up to this day. In that period, I can recall that I never have to depend on my dad to get me a new game console which was SEGA then while on my own I had money to buy my first ever desktop computer I used at then which was Intel Pentium M running on Microsoft operating system.

Below are the benefits you get from starting your own business

1. You have 100% of yourself.
2. You are the person that gives the order.
3. You will be always creative to think out ways to make it bigger.
4. You and your family will be the icon to others.
5. You are a savior to others

Reasons To Start Your Own Business

Now you may be wondering or probably asking yourself why you should start your own business, but first, ask yourself why you even need to work for someone else at the first instance, I mean those people you are going to work for have started their own business in which they employed you to work for them making you a savant to their money, you put all the effort, skills and ability you have into someone else business that may wake up one day and decide that you are no more good enough for the firm then terminating your work with him or her, go in search for a fresher person with more energy in him or her to replace you. This alone should explain to you why you should consider starting your own business, this thing listed below will also help you understand.

  • Being your own boss

Another reason you should consider having your own business is having control over yourself and business, you have a chance to grow to any level you want, you have the ability to go anywhere you want at any time, you will be the boss of yourself.

  • Income

You earn a better income and have control over it when you have your own business you go without waiting till month end before getting the pay cheque you have worked for.

  • Rewards

You can start rewarding yourself withing a year of starting your business, you have the time to party, enjoy life and at the same time do other things you want to do.

Advantages Of Running Your Own Business

Well having your own business is better than working for anyone. It comes with many advantages that I may not be able to list all in this particular article.

1. Be your own boss.
2. You have the potential to grow to any extent
3. You can live the life you ever want to live
4. Your children are covered and can make any decision that will favor them in life
5. You can help others reach their own go by employing them.
6. You are your own lord.
7. You have other times to do other things that please you.
8. You are open to many opportunities.

Disadvantages Of Running Your Own Business

Well, anything that has an advantage may also have disadvantages, in having your own business does have disadvantages which some of them are listed below.

1. At first, you won’t have time for yourself.
2. You need a big capital to start which you may not have at first.
3. You need supporters which you may not get good people to fit into that at first.
4. You need a very good plan and strategy to make it in a business startup.
5. You will face lots of competition and challenges at first till you hit.
6. Its a lot stressful than it sounds.

Challenges Of Starting A Business

In starting your own business you will face many challenges in which you may want to quit but that shouldn’t be a choice if you really want to make it in that filled these days.

In 2016 I started a business that I thought will yield a very big income in 2 years, but due to the challenges I faced, I ran into many debts that made me shut down the company, pay off my employees and start making other plans. But in that situation, I lean that there is more to business than just opening it and I need to be wiser while starting another one.

1. You will face pressure from competitors.
2. you will be forced to quit due to financial issues
3. You may run into debt if you are not careful
4. You will have sleepless nights.
5. You may fall sick due to overstress.

But in all this, what you should do is to understand that nothing good comes easy. Keep pushing and keep striving you will get there.

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