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Nigeria lacks what it takes to give the kind power supply the world wants due to inadequate plan and lack of vision that has set the country back since 1990 even up to date, this has made many people seeking for solution to this problem decided to switch into using Solar Power In Nigeria which has proven so far to be the best solution to this electricity problem.

Reason To Use Solar Power In Nigeria

Nigeria, as a country that is made up to 200 million people that is currently reciding in her, generates its power supply sorely on gas which can never be sufficient in any way to carry the weight it has to go through every day. This has been the major problem of the country even as the population increases every day no new power plant was built nor any under construction at the time of putting up this article. From 2001, only one type of power plant, i.e. gas fed power plants, was built in the country. From the year 2006 to 2015 Nigeria built 10 gas plants which generate just 4,772 megawatts at a cost of $8.47 billion translating to a big imbalance on a country that uses 90% of its power supply from gas. Other countries that generate more gas than Nigeria do not depend on up to 30% of its electricity on Gas for example Rusia and Saudi Arabia.

Nigeria Gas Plants

When talking about the Nigeria Gas plant, we agree that many factors has effected Nigeria when it comes to gas, which is pipeline vandalization that happens often in the Niger Delta area due to lack of adequate care by the government in that area. There is a pipeline from Escravos to Kaduna that has a diameter is 16, 24 and length in km of 674, another and another from Ramuekpe to Bonny which has a diameter of 24, 28, 48 and length in km of 134, this pipeline may be shut down anytime soon due to some factors affecting the place. Imagine what will happen to the electricity generates from that source when these pipelines are shut down to these factors. This very issue translates to the same thing we all are crying about, it is a tipical example of putting all your effort into one back which may end in a very big disaster.

Nigeria Infastruture

Let’s assume that there is no pipeline vandalization and there is not natural factor affecting the pipeline and gas (Which eventually is zero), Nigeria still has one of the weakest infrastructures in the world, when compared to other African countries you will find out that the country is going backward and can not compete in any way with the outside world.

Why have i concluded on that? let me do some explaination here! Nigeria as one of the largest country in the world has a total number of about 13,700MW capacity of power that they generate from the 25 power plants that is built in Nigerian large gas power plants which power transmitted across vast distances to where it would be consumed, this translate to a very large investment in transmission infrastructure. There are long radial lines that result in a cascading voltage instability all around the country which has been one of the reason of inadiquete power suplly all over the country.

All around you, you will cleary see that its very clear that Nigeria source of energy is the number one factor affecting the country electricity supply coupled with the bad infrastructure that affects the country all around including pipelines vandalization which only contributes to 5% of the problem.

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Solution To Power Outage In Nigeria

Using Solar Power in Nigeria is the best solution I know of as its stands now. Do you know that if the West African savannah landmass is to be covered with solar panels, it will generate sufficient amount of megawatts that will feed the whole of West African and North Africa and even will adiquate amount reserve that could be shared to people.

lets expenciate a litle bit so those lost may understand where we are driving to here. in Sub-Saharan Africa, when going by region, we describe it by the International Council for Science as having the “world’s best solar resources.” Nigeria has 485.1 million MWh/day of solar energy in natural units and the country enjoys an average of 6.2 hours of daily sunshine. Aliyu Musa Kofa in an article states, “if solar collectors or modules were used to cover 1% of Nigeria’s land area of 923,773km2, it is possible to generate 1850x103GWh of solar electricity per year, which is over one hundred times the current grid electricity consumption level in the country.”

What Will Be The Efficiency Of Solar Power In Nigeria

Solar power in Nigeria can generate any amount of energy in watts or megawatts needed to power industries and houses in Nigeria. Many countries and industries have turned to solar power solutions, some airports in India are powered by solar power, a friend in the USA has their big house covered in solar panels in which they sale energy to a nearby industries that pays them on monthly bases.

Advantages Of Solar Power In Nigeria

In the country Nigeria we have found ourselves, having a solar power put you in a higher advantage because of the electricity challenges we face here everyday, as someone that base online for business and for freelancing jobs, I need electricity 24/7 in which I know the country can not supply me with, also the prices of fuel are nothing to write home about if I eventually decide to use an electricity generator, even at that the noise generator makes is unbearable, so what do I do? I turn to solar power to give me electricity because of the fact that the sun is free, I don’t need to spend any money on fuel or paying my electricity bill.

Many small industries in Nigeria have also turned to solar power to give them adequate energy they need to operate. Using sollar power in Nigeria has many advantages that make it the preferred choice for anyone that lives in a country like Nigeria.

Solar Power In Nigeria For Homes

Many Nigeria homes are now turning to solar power for their energy consuption, many have disconnected their power supply from NEPA and EEDC and are now sorely based on solar-generated power for their home uses.

If you have the money you can turn to solar power for your electricity consumption, you don’t need to be afraid or reason that it may not be sufficient enough to power all your house utilities, the adequate amount of watts can power all your home utilities such as Refrigerator, Air Conditions, TV set, Music set, Electric cooler, etc.

How Do I Generate Light At Night With Solar Power In Nigeria

The world is now adavnced in such a way that everything has become so easy to handle,you can store the energy or power your solar panel generates in the day time through the sun wether in your homes or offices using batteries which you can now use at night, eliminating the need you may have for electricity generator. You do not need to worry about the efficiency of it, If an India fourth-largest airport (the Cochin International airport) can depend on the battery to run at night, what about your home that doesn’t use up to 0.2% energy the airpot consums at night.

What Do I Need To Install Solar Power In Nigeria Home

To get working solar power in your Nigeria home, there are some things you need to put in place and some calculations you need to make.

Things You Need To Buy For A Functioning Solar Power In Nigeria Home

1. Inverter
2. Solar Panel
3. Battery

Now before going for any of this, you need to first calculate the amount of energy you use in your home. Let’s say your tv set uses 400 watts of electricity, your DVD uses 200 watts, your music set uses 500 watts, your fridge uses 1.5k watts, your Air condition uses 2000 watts, your electric iron uses 1000 watts and electric cooker uses 1000 watts.

400 + 200 + 500 + 1500 + 2000 + 1000 + 1000 = 6600

With the above calculations, your home uses 6600 watts of electricity, with that you need to get 8000 watts of solar inverter and 500 MH worth of battery that you can store energy at night for your home consumption.

Where Can I Get Solar Power in Nigeria

Wisprof solar consultant has provided a perfect solution to this power problem faced by almost everyone leaving in Nigeria, you can contact us for the best solar power advise and the best solar inverter you need to power your entire house. We have helped many Nigerians in getting the right solar inverter that they have used in their home for 4 years now.

The solar power we recommend or buy for people is not locally made but are been import from China, these inverters can serve you for up to 15 years.

You can write to us at brandsprof@gmail.com or call/whatsapp us with +234 08023853821

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