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Finding a job and earning money is the main basis of living in the world today as the days everyone goes to the farm to carter for the family and loved ones are over.

In the world today where technology and hard work have taken over the world and its economy, just as the new trend that started late last year where bitcoin has taken over the economy of the world and new millionaires and billionaires are born through bitcoin. That’s why we have come to share with you how you can find a job in Canada.

If you feel that getting a job or work this day is hard to come by then you have not found something else to do. Getting jobs to work on these days is easier than you think than it was back then, now you walk up to a company and seek for employment if you are up to the qualification, you will be employed, if you are not you get looking for another place.

But the question here is not finding a job but finding a well to do the job In Canada, in Canadian principles, it’s a right for every adult that is from 18 years and above to start working to feed him or her self or work for any other reason but his or her hands must be on deck.

These tips that have been compiled to help even the commonest man to find a job has helped so many people even before it been shared here due to the fact that we have been in the business of giving out advice to people that may need it in their business or sustaining the work they do in every way.

This way this post will really help you in finding your dream job in Canada and keeping that job till you feel you have gotten all you need t move to other jobs or starting your own business.

1. How To Find a Job In Canada

In getting a job in Canada, you need to prepare yourself to win that job since you are not the only one eyeing to get the job. You should understand that as far as it well to do the job, others are also seeking to get that, so you need to stand out in order for you to win the job where others will fail.

Your CV is very important in this aspect as it shows your qualification and makes the employers see your competency for the job. submitting a poorly written resume will really harm you in many ways, it will tell the employers that you are serious about the job, and maybe you are not really the right person for the job.

2. Get Endorsement

Getting endorsed is also very important in how to finding a job in Canada since the company really wants the best person to fill that position. While you find for a job in Canada, you shouldn’t overlook this aspect as it may really affect your chances of finding and winning a well-to-do job in Canada.

3. Always Be Selective

Always be selective whenever you are finding a job in Canada, you should not go for any job you see out there, there are many jobs that when you take, will limit you from getting other better jobs to do in the world today because you have ever gone for an interview for a job.

You will understand that your previous job matters a lot so be selective in the kind of jobs you go for, lift your standard so that the company will value you.

Also do not go submitting your CV to 30 companies since the manager of these companies may be very good friends and may use you as a topic of the day, in this kind of situation do you really think you would win the job if they find out that you have submitted your name in other 30 companies? No, I don’t think so, so chose the best of the best among them.

4. Follow Up

It’s bad behavior when you send your resume to a company then after sending your resume, you relax and feel that every other thing will work out on its own.

It has never worked that way and won’t even start working that way from you.

You need to show that you really want to work with them by always checking up to see if they have been able to go through your resume probably consider you as a potential worker, the need to see that in you and the only way they can is by seeing you show lots of interest in what they do in their company. This doesn’t make you desperate but taking the necessary measures to make sure that you get the job.

5. Use Social Media As a Tool

Do you know that many employed individuals got their employment via social media? Yes you heard me right, social media is are a great tool in getting employments today, you can see adverts for vacancies on social media from a reliable source.

Finding a job in Canada might require you to get on with your social media in the hunt for the job. You can use Linkedin as many Canadian companies are in Linkedin, you can log on to your Linkedin account and start searching for jobs by using the right keywords to find one.

You can use Facebook also to find a job in Canada, you see adverts and publications made by this company. Almost every Canadian company has a Facebook page, I that page they put up updates in which vacancies may be part of them. Do not underestimate the power social media holds to finding a job in Canada.

6. Start Networking

Most well-paying jobs in Canada are not really advertised, so how do you now find that kind of job? It’s simply by mingling with people, you can make friends and share ideas, you can share what you have to offer and always bring up the employment side of your worries, you may never know who has a big fish for you. Talk to people often and make them understand your worries.


Finding a job in Canada is not very hard but can be hard when you are not informed, always make sure you get all the information needed in order to solve your needs.

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