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Starting a business in today’s world is a very nice thing to think of as working for a company is not very reliable, take for example in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown when many companies were shut down due to low workflow and no money flow.

I have a friend that went to the same school as me, after school he was fortunate to get a job that pays him very well, from the job he was able to buy a beautiful house in a nice environment.

He got many opportunities from the job he was doing, he earns a lot from that job he was doing very great in the job he was doing, not until last year when the covid-19 hit the world my friend lost the job that gave him life, gave him everything and made him what he had.

The worst path was my friend had no other investment apart from the house he owns, he never opens any side business for himself nor his wife. Now it’s this way, my friend has been depressed. What is the essence of my story, the aim of my story is that it is better to own a business of your own so that you can build and decide to stop at any time, and when you stop it won’t be a surprise nor a forced decision.

How To Start a Small Business

Before starting a small business, you should understand a small business may not give you all you want at first, but if you can be able to sustain it for like a year or two years according to your smartness and coordination.

You should consider the kind of small business you world venture into, also consider the location you are going to base your business in. These things affect the progress of your business unless you are going for an online business like blogging, affiliate marketing.

Small Business Ideas To Venture Into

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a better idea to start when you are good with computer, I believe in the world today many persons are computer literate because computers are very cheap now and can be found anywhere to buy.

A virtual assistant is a person that handles email organization and communication, social media scheduling, and bookkeeping. You can start a virtual assistant business even if your experience in those areas comes from working for other companies or years of personal experience.

Child Care Services

If you love kids, you can start a daycare where you take care of children where their parents are at work. Parents love the protection of their kids and can pay anything for the security of their children.

But this depends on the area you are living in if you live in an environment that has a lot of wealthy people you are in more advantage because you will make more money because they are very busy people and can do anything as far as their kids are comfortable.

Errand Service

I have a friend that does this business, the friend is doing very and has made the business the primary source of income while he invests in other side business. This business is simply doing errand services for people while they pay you for the services. It’s just delivering goods and services for people.

Android App Development

You can start app development if you know more about java or kotlin development, if you don’t know anything about those, you can start learning one, it may take you 6 months to one year to master base on your abilities.

Event Planner

You can start an event planning if you have strong organizational and communication skills, you can build up a client base and start a business planning weddings or various other events.

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