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In Nigeria things have become so bad that many people really find it very hard to eat good food each day, there is no job anywhere that people can be employed as many companies a sacking their workers even banks no more have sufficient staffs to feel in their counters, companies are facing a very hard time and the new ones are struggling in Nigeria.

The country’s economy is in its worst state, and we are not even sure of it getting better in some months or even some years to come, we do not even have that confidence to hope of having a better tomorrow in Nigeria so what’s the way out of this? starting a business that will profit you.

But starting a business is not that simple as its sounds, you need to set some things in place like having your capital at hand and choosing the type of business you want to venture into.

So what do you do when you don’t have money to start your own business? that’s why you are here, today I will show you how to start a business with no money and make a profit to even invest in other business that will give you more money in the near future but bear in mind that you will have to work very hard to achieve your dreams in the business expectations.

How To Start a Business With No Money

Considering that you have done your research and made your findings before going with the option of starting a business of your own. You must first have a mind that is already made of to go on with the journey and path you are about to as you read this post.

These five (5) tips below will help shape the path you will eventually follow in starting a business in today’s world.

  1. Consider yourself worthy of taking this very board step.
  2. Be prepared to take any risk that comes your way.
  3. Business is stressful and needs a strong mind to sell-through.
  4. Get as much help as possible you can.
  5. Make more research on the path you have taken.

Examine yourself and Know Who You Are

First, there are things you need to take into consideration before you start talking about starting a business, you need to be sure that you have to look deep into yourself and find out some inner desires you have in order to achieve your dream.

You need to define the reason why you want to first start a business because I know before you consider starting a business there have been works you have seen you can do which can actually feed you and take care of some bills, but you have deiced to find a better solution which is starting a business which will give you better certification.

If you do not have a defined reason why you want to start a business you won’t make it far in the business you have chosen, I mean there are many people that have ventured into business some time past but was not able to stick to it for up to 6 months.

Many of them have regretted why they made the silly mistake they made at on start while many still can’t figure out why they fail. Have an absolute reason for starting a business will help you go a long way in starting your business and maintaining it.

Getting Started With What You Have

Yes if you are serious about understanding how to start a business with no money you need to start what you have. The question now is, what do you have you can start with? check below for those things that will be very important in getting you to start a business with no money

Skills – what are capable of doing and creating?
Experience – what experience have you gathered in the past?
Knowledge – what knowledge have you?
Good resources – what do you have and what do you have access

If you can be able to answer this question, it will make our work at brandsprof easier, you need to define things steps that will elevate you to the next level where you really want to belong to.


One thing we overlook in the part of the word is relating our skills in search of a greener pasture to what we may not stay to enjoy when gotten or even get at the end. We need to look into the skills we have, many have skills they have acquired in the past that may be of usefulness to them.

I know a lady that has studied computer science in school and graduated with good grades but has gone into shoemaking because she has the skills and can make a very good thing out of it, her products are the most piece of shoes I have set my eyes on.

Her products are very good that it attracts the attention of the rich and influxes like Linda Ikeji to employ her as her personal shoemaker. Now tell me, how will that kind of individual ever cry out of broken.

I also have a friend that knows how to design furniture very well but is scared of starting small in the excuse of not bringing himself so low to the extent of doing carpentering work after graduating with one of the best grades of his set.

One thing you should always consider looking into are those small things, they matter a lot and can help you grow to the extent you may have never imagined yourself to be. Startup with what you have.

Are you good at hair making?

Startup a hairdressing business in front of your house, you can start from the basic hair making then eleven yourself when you start getting customers and making small money, buy things you need to grow your business little by little then use it to grow another part of your business.

Do you know how to make shoes and fix shoes?

Make a little table in front of your house and start fixing shoes and building your own shoes so people can start buying, you don’t have to wait for someone to gift you a huge amount of money before you start anything.


Many may have worked in one place or the other, you can use the knowledge you have here to start up something for yourself.

When I was 15 years old I was employed as a record person in Punch company in my area then, I worked there for up to 2 years, in this years I have worked there though as a record person.

My job was to take care and keep a record of the sales made in that day, calculate the money and record it in a book so the company can keep tracks of the profits made in that day and also take care of the newspaper that was sold that day and because of that got expired.

We do sell it to people that use the paper material for things other than reading.

After working there I gathered some experience I use for my own benefits, I will go and buy an expired paper that will be very cheap, cut out the dates then resale it to people that will need it at a higher price making me some couple of money that I used in getting myself phone books in used in learning programing that period and even getting myself a better desktop.


Your knowledge can put food on your table and even give you the life you always want to leave. Am a fan of watching youtube and Facebook videos that help me gain the knowledge I have used in working for people and earn money.

Many use youtube to watch Nollywood videos and comedy skit while other use it to gain knowledge that will help them to gain more knowledge. I will advise you to use youtube to learn some things that will help you make money.


If you have access to some places. may charge people to assist them in getting that very place. If you have a laptop and internet access, you can start making money online by working for people then getting paid by that.

You can learn how to write from youtube free of charge and start making money from that, there are many platforms you can use. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can assist a lot in reaching your goals.

You can also start blogging, update your blog, apply for Google AdSense and start making money from your blog. If you do not know how to start a blog, I have made a well-detailed blog post from A to Z on how to create a blog and start making money, you can find that post here.

Online Business You Can Start With No Capital

I have talked mostly about what you can start online, as it stands now online is your best shot to make money in Nigeria.


You can start doing some jobs for people like photoshop editing, Logo creation, writing for companies and individuals.

Ebook Author

You can start writing books and selling them on amazon, with that you can make lots of money without even spending a kobo.

Social Media Manager

You can start helping people manage their social media pages.

Collectibles Seller

You can start selling old and used products that other people may need. many people want a phone but can’t afford new phones, you can start selling used phones to them and make your money. You can use Facebook and a platform you use for the business.

Errand Service

This one may need you to leave your house in order to achieve this. but you will need to get customers online by using Facebook or other social media platform.

Graphic Designer

You can design pictures and graphics which you learn through youtube.


To achieve any of this I have taught you today you will need lots of discipline, but first your eye on the goal and work toward it.

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