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Stretch mark are bound to occur naturally despite the gender(male or female), age, body size and complexion.

Most times a lot of people believe that people that are on the big size, especially ladies tends to have stretch mark on their body especially on their waist. But even slim people have stretch mark either naturally, or it might occur as a result of bleaching  agents used in production of most body creams(hydroquinone).

Get rid of stretch mark

Stretch mark  can also be seen in some other parts of the body aside the waist, such as; the arm, breast, shoulder, stomach , leg etc.

pregnancy can also cause stretch mark, because the woman’s body tends to stretch and the contraction or stretching of this body parts causes stretch mark on the various parts of the woman’s body.

Stretch mark can be irritating, infect if you have stretch mark on your arm there are a lot of things you might want to wear but because of the stretch mark, you might not wear it, this is really heart breaking and this also applies to other parts of the body where you have this stretch marks.

In this article i am going to teach you how to get rid of stretch mark naturally without any side effect within two weeks.

How You Can Get Rid Of Stretch Mark Naturally In 2 Weeks

Step 1: Mix palm oil and aloe Vera

the fattest way of getting rid of stretch mark is by mixing palm oil and aloe Vera and apply it on the areas where you have stretch marks.

Get a neat container that can be covered, pour in any quantity of palm oil you want, then extract the aloe Vera gels and pour inside the same container where the palm oil is already in, stir the two with a spoon and mix them well, then apply it to the affected areas, as many times as possible but at least twice in a day.

How to Use Mixture Of Palm Oil and Aloe Vera

Apply this always and watch your stretch marks fade and your skin will become smooth like never before. Remember to always apply this on the affected areas everyday at least twice daily or more and cover the container well, immediately after use to avoid the invasion of micro organisms in the mixture.

This mixture can also be used to get rid of Eczema, pimples,  Wrinkles(anti aging), and it is a good skin moisturizer  and also promotes smoother and neat skin. The application of this mixture consistently  will give you the required result you have been looking and make your skin smooth and neat.

Step 2: ASPIRIN and ALMOND oil:

using aspirin for the skin is a very effective way of getting rid of stretch marks. Aspirin is one of the best and most effective remedy for reducing the appearance and getting rid of stretch marks. it contains an effective ingredient, which is chemically similar to salicylic acid. This compound helps exfoliate skin, remove acne, and scars on the skin and also decreases keloids.

 How to use aspirin for stretch marks

You can use the aspirin oil by crush ten or more aspirin tablets until the form a fine powder, then add a few drops of water and original almond oil oil until it forms a paste then stir the mixture well for it to be very effective.

Apply the paste and scrub on the affected area and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. Finally wash it off gently   Apply this paste or mixture for at least twice daily, everyday for at least two weeks and the stretch mark will gradually fade off and you will have that smooth and neat skin you have always been dreaming of.

Step 3: A Mixture of Tooth Paste and Onion:

this is also another  effective way of getting rid of stretch marks. A mixture of tooth paste and onions is a very effective way of getting rid of stretch marks, any tooth paste can go in this procedure, but the most effective toothpaste to carry out this task is COLGATE.

 How to produce mixture of tooth past and onion

Is by getting a neat container, get a bulb of onions grind it with a blender or using a mortar and pistil, extract the juice and pour it into the container, then get Colgate toothpaste and put it inside the container.

Stir for some minutes together with the onion juice and apply the mixture on the affected areas. Do this everyday at least twice daily, within two week or less the stretch marks will fade away and you will have a smooth and neat skin like never before.

For these procedures to work, you have to be consistent in using them. you shouldn’t skip any day without using them, remember consistency is the key.

Also know that stretch marks does not appear in a day so don’t expect it to disappear in a day, it is a gradual process. Within a little space of time if you are consistent with the procedures the stretch marks will gradually disappear.

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