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women love to look good and attractive at all times, that’s why we have to put up this guide on how to start human hair business. Well one of the places that contribute to beauty in a woman is their hair, how good their hair looks makes them attractive, and this cannot be achieved by leaving the hair unkept, this can only be achieved either by braiding the hair with hair attachment or by making the hair using weavons( there are lots of weavon depending on their quality, texture, and prices, which human hair is not exempted).

A hair attachment is used once to braid hair and afterwards is disposed but when weavon is used it can be re-used as long as you want and as long as it can last, that Is the major advantage weavon, has over hair attachment.it is economical and you can slay with it, in different styles.

Let’s talk about the weavon, weavons are of different types, quality, textures, quantity , colours, length etc.

And a human hair is the best weavon any lady can slay on, infact every lady now wants to own a human hair because it looks exactly like the natural human hair, and this gives you the best look you can ever imagine, coupled with the fact that it can last for years ( even as long as a life-time), and that is what makes it exceptional from other types of weavons you can see it in the market. It is also more expensive than every other type of weavon you can see in the market.

Key Steps To Starting Human Hair Business With N20,000

  1. Types of human hair
  2. How to know a good human hair
  3. Prices to buy a human hair
  4. Importing a human hair
  5. Advertising your human hair business

The Different Categories Of Human Hair

  • The Brazilian hair
  • Peruvian hair
  • Indian hair
  • pixie curls
  • water curls etc

Different lengths: ranging from 6- 40 inches. Different colors: black, brown, wine, golden etc. Different textures: straight, curly, bulb and prices ranging from $15- $5000.


There are so many types of weavon in the market, off course there is competition in the market, and if you are not too careful, you might end up getting a wrong weavon in place of a human hair because alot of weavons might look like a human but it is not. The following will guide you to know a good human hair:

A good human hair doesn’t shed:

This is a very important feature that the human hair possess that makes it different from other weavons. A good human hair does not fall- off when it is combed, you cannot see a piece of the hair on the comb or even on the floor after combing it, this is what makes it possess a long lasting feature ( It can stay for a life time). If you want to know a good human hair comb it and see if it sheds(fall-off), if it doesn’t then you have gotten a good one.


A good human hair has a very soft texture, this is what differentiate a human hair from every other type of weavon. A good human hair’s texture is even more lighter/softer the natural hair when it is relaxed, so you can imagine how beautiful, you will look wearing a human hair, you will look so attractive and nice. A good human hair is soft in texture.


This is also an important factor to consider, a good human hair does not tangle, but every other weavon can tangle but a human hair will not. A weavon that tangles is prone to shed ( fall- off), but a human hair will not this is one of the factors that makes it exceptional.


A good human hair is more expensive than every other type of weavon. The price range varies from $5- $5000 depending on the length, structure and type.

Knowing a good human hair is the first step to starting a human hair business, if you can see a human hair and Know it then you wouldn’t make a mistake of buying the fake weavons and this will go a long way to help start up the business successfully and also get a positive result in the business.


Considering how expensive a good human hair is, alot of people are afraid to venture into human hair business (especially people with little capital), In this page, I will show you how to start up a human hair business with little capital.
A friend of mine Shared her experience on how she was able to start up a human hair business with 50k. The steps she took was:

Knowing a good human hair when you see them:

as I explained above the ability to recognize a human hair when you see them will help you venture into this business because you wouldn’t buy a fake one in the name of human hair because there are lots of weavons in the market, which some of this salers claim they are human hair, but when you know a good human hair, you will make the right choice.


If you go to countries like China, Dubai etc. This human hairs are very cheap, ranging from $1-$50, depending on the length. With the little money (capital) you have, you can order this hairs from these countries online and make payments, and when the get to Nigeria, you make alot of money from them. For instance a human hair you buy $1 in China or Dubai, you can see it for $10 or $15 in your country, with that Kind of sales within a short period, you will start buying this goods In large quantities and establish the business in a way you become comfortable.

You can choose to start your human hair business by sourcing for goods locally through using  jiji.ng or oxl.com to source for customers, you can also contact us and we will sale to you at an affordable price where to stand to make lots of gain when resold. Whatsapp or call us via +2348023853821


In this situation where you only have little capital to start up, you cannot afford to pay shop rent from the little money you have, you have to run your adverts online, post pictures of your products on social media platforms, so long as you are selling good hairs people will buy from you and you can also get referrals from your customers, that way, you will make alot of money, which will help you build or establish a complete human hair business.

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