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In this 21st century, there is no business that won’t be profitable if you know the secret and how to run it very well that is why we have decided to drop the steps and tips on garri distribution business in Nigeria today.

Garri is the most common food in Africa, many African countries see garri as one of their major meal so the demand will be very high in most parts of Nigeria and Africa at large, many African countries depends on garri importation in order to fill up their test of garri due to their own soil are not suitable to plant and cultivate garri.

Buying garri in Nigeria is one of the basic needs in many families, many people can’t go a week without testing garri, and many have made garri the major food they consume in their houses and fast food joint.

The question stands to be how you can utilize this basic need and start garri distribution business.

In this article we will be guiding you on the full steps to take so you can start and run a garri distribution business without any prior knowledge of how it done nor how to get everything you need to start the business.

Many problems we face in business is not because we do not have the abilities to run a business or we do not have the complete capital to start the business.

Most times the capital will be so as the motivation but the knowledge and information needed to run the business successfully won’t be there and that is the very reason most business terms to fall after a while or some years.

To run a garri distribution business you need to take note of many things you need to avoid so as the right steps you need to follow in order to run your own garri distribution business very well.

Key Steps To Starting Garri Distribution Business

  1. Business Energy
  2. means of trandsportation
  3. Business Plan
  4. Startup Funds
  5. Medium of advertisment
  6. business strategy
  7. Business Promotion
  8. Business Location
  9. Business partner or supplier
  10. Business Name
  11. Business Registration
  12. Business website
  13. Business Broadcast

What Is Garri Distribution Business

I believe many of us that consumes garri knows that garri is one of those food items sold in the market, many of those sellers do not have a single farmland where the plant, harvest, and process the finished goods, the depends on distributors like you would soon be to supply them the process goods so the can now sell to consumers.

The process of supplying these sellers the bags of Garri gotten from those that process the casava turning it into consumable garri are the people called garri distributors.

Garri distributors make their money by buying in large quantity from those that process the garri then carry the bought goods to those men and women in the market and sell to them at a higher price after including the cost of transporting the goods from that place (mostly remote area) to the market in town.

The profit made from garri distribution business is very huge due to the fact that garri have no remain when it comes to its distribution, everything is sold both the garri and the bags used in conveying it to its destination.

Basic Things Needed To Start Garri Distribution Business

Just like every other business, there are things you need to put in place in order to run garri distribution business successfully, you shouldn’t make the mistake of not getting the needed Tools in order to run garri distribution business.

1 You need to make up your mind

Garri distribution business may sometimes turn stressful because you need to go places to find the best garri out of others so that your customers will be satisfied with your services. No one wants to buy something they stand chances of not selling due to the goods not being up to standard.

Get Available Means Of Transportation

Let us assume you go to somewhere like abakiliki to buy your garri, you will need a means if transportation in order to get your purchased goods to your destination.

If you have enough money you can buy a vehicle, it must not be a fine car, it may be a minibus or normal bus that will cost you just N200,000 to N300,000 that is if you have the money but if you do not you can always make good arrangement for that.

How To Start Garri Distribution Business

Starting a garri distribution business may not be as easy or hard as you see it to be but the truth remains that you will always make it big if you stick t around to the end of this very article.

I am someone that has several experiences in many businesses because of my involvement in them, currently, I have few businesses set up for myself while I handle most part of them, I employ others to help me out while I am engaged in other business of mine and at the same time providing employment to them.

Garri distribution business is a business a very close friend of mine is involved in and i can say it’s really going very well, sometimes I do seat with him to have a short conversation about the way his business is being run and manage.

In this series of conversation I have gathered throughout this period of years, the strategy he put in is very unique and cool and that same strategy is what we will be looking at in this very guide today so that you can be among those successful young men and women into garri distribution business.

1. Figure Out If you Really Want To Start Garri Distribution Business

When we are desperate to make money or earn a living,  there are some decisions we may take that may not be very suitable for us, money only doesn’t give you pleasure, the pleasures come when you really love what you are doing, you do it very well and do it with pleasure.

Many into some businesses have entered them because they were desperate to make the money, at the end they may end up not making the money while the sacrifices are for nothing. Make sure you want to do this and find ways to enjoy what you do because in the long run, it will help you move faster than average.

Studies have found that people who have pleasure in what they do, will always do it way moe better than those that are just doing it for doing sake. it is your business, you are investing money and time into it, make sure it worth it.

2. Draw Out Plan For Your Garri Distribution Business

The first step to make at the beginning of any business is to map out plans on how you intend to run the business. Draw out what you planned to achieve the first year of running your business and how you will achieve that, be realistic in setting your goals.

Many people when they do not achieve their goals, start to feel somehow, they start feeling as if they are failures without examining if the goals they have not achieved were no actually realistic.

Make sure you map out good plans if possible involve family members and friends that you have experience in business plans so they can help you set your plans.

Be sure not to involve the wrong people so that you will not have setbacks on your business, only contact trusted persons into your business affairs

3. Startup Fund For Your Garri Distribution Business

garri distribution business

There is no business that will not require a startup fund. Make plans on how much you want to start your business with because this is so critical, your business success depends on it so do not make the mistake people make while venturing into new businesses.

Let’s say you have planned to start your garri distribution business with the sum of N300,000 as a capital, and a bag of garri cost N12,000, estimate how many bags that amount can buy you and estimate how much extra you will be paying for them.

Estimate how much the transportation will cost you to covey it to your destination, let’s say it will cost you N20,000 to carry it down to your destination, add those cost in the total of the amount your have budgeted.

After masking all this estimate, bring out your damages budget encase something goes wrong because you never can tell if everything will go as planned.

4. Figure Out Mode Of Advert For Your Garri Distribution Business

Getting customers to buy your goods is the dream of every business owner, make sure to find one or two ways you will do this promotion whether online or offline. In today’s world, social media have proven to be one heck of a way to make sales and gather customers.

Use Facebook and Google to gather customers for your garri distribution business, it will really go a long way to help you out in your garri business.

Doing this is very simple as an ABCD if you do not have any knowledge of running Facebook and Google ads, contact people that specialize in it so they can help you run it smoothly.

5. Sale Cheaper Than Others

This may sound funny, when starting your business, have it in mind that some of the customers that will be coming for your services are people that have been buying from other people that came before you.

To take that customer from those people, offer a special kind of service to them, sell cheaper than they have been sold to and make sure to give them the same quality of garri.

Doing this will help get customers and grow your garri distribution business to a height that you may never imagine.

6. Do Promo and Offer Special Services

One way to catch people’s attention is the kind of services you offer, remember people have been buying from others so what makes you stand out from the crowd? The promo and special services you offer will go a long way in making your turn of money and customers. You can offer special services such as:

  • Free delivery if the customer is buying in bulk.
  • Discount if the customer is a frequent buyer.
  • Gifts like books and t-shirts.
  • Damage and repair services.
  • Online orders

This will help you in the long to make new customers because you are offering something many have neglected in that field of business.

7. Select Location For Your Garri Distribution Business

Select a location where you can set your office so that people can easily visit to check out your goods, this should a spacious wale house so that when you get your goods, you can store them there till the day of distribution.

Some of your goods will not be sold out the same day it was purchased so make room for storage so that you won’t be unfortunate when some of those that have booked your goods do not comply to come to pick them up the same day.

Your office or whale house should be close to a big market where you know garri sellers are in large so that distribution of your goods will be easy for you. This will help you make more customers because they can always make orders whenever they run short of supplies.

8. Get Big Supplier Contact For Your Garri Distribution Business

garri distribution business

You shouldn’t be short of supply so that your buyers will not be disappointed, there is an extent you will be running low on supply you buyers will not have trust in you.

Having the contact of big suppliers will help you get in contact with them whenever you need a new supply.

9. Choose a Name For Your Garri Distribution Business

you should choose a name for your garri distribution business, this gives your business identity so that people can easily recognize you and your business, the name you chose should be easy to remember and should alose have the keyword of the services you offer.

Also, get a business card that has all the kind of service you offer plus your phone number, this will help give you an easy way of getting contacted by people that need your supplies,

10. Register Your Garri Distribution Business

Business these days need registration to easily get the trust of people, it will also get the government out your back, make sure you register your business because that displays your seriousness in building that very business.

11. Create a Website For Your Garri Distribution Business

Having a website for your business gives you a good authority over others, you will be needing a website to make your business very unique to people.

Contact web developers to design your website, you can contact us to do the job for you if you will needing one.

12. Send Out Broadcast To Customers

You should always send out a broadcast to customers when you have new goods to sale, it will help them get updates and know when to come for new supplies.


You should also put your business in prayer so that it will flow very well, follow all the steps we have listed here in this article, it will help you grow very well.

Your garri distribution business will be a very successful one, make sure to drop your thoughts and more suggestions to us.

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