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A nail business is one of the major lucrative businesses ones can ever think of. There is a saying that the way you look is how you will be addressed, the way you look matters a lot that is the major reason you have to look good, and your nails is one of the places that should look good because it is a site for attraction and how attractive they look matters a lot.

To start a nail business you have to know what a nail business is all about, know everything about the nails, so as to make you know the one you are going to start with. There are different types of already made nails you can start selling, which are: Tips, Press-on nails, acrylic nails, silk nails, full gel nails, etc. You have to know everything about these nails, such as the price, quality, etc.

How To Start A Nail Business In Nigeria

To start up a nail business the following should be considered:

Amount of money available to start up the business with (capital):

the amount of money available for start-up should be considered, this will enable you to know the type, quality, quantity, and texture of nails you will go for. You can start up the business with as little money as 10k.

I started up my nail business with 10k and I was able the run the business successfully. I was able to achieve that because I considered the money available for start-up and used it judiciously.

I bought little equipment I needed such as nail fillers, nail shove, nail polish (few but attractive colors), nail remover, already made nails( as many as I can get considering the money available and the ones are affordable). These items were not too expensive and I can successfully run my nail business with them.

I worked from home, I place an advert online, get customers, and go to houses to render my services. I did manicure, pedicure, and other services that can be rendered in a nail salon. The best part was that I kept getting referrals from my customers because I was good at what I do and after some years I had lots of customers.

To tell you the truth I was well paid because it is home service. I made a lot of money, more than some persons who own shops, that was how I gathered money to rent a place, buy the complete sets of everything I needed(equipment), and had a proper nail salon.

Consider the location at which you want to start up the business:

The location at which you start up a business determines how productive the business will be and the income it would be able to yield. For instance, a nail salon sited in a rural area cannot yield as much income as one sited in an urban area, which is developed. So you have to look out for locations that are developed to start up the nail business in order to get a positive result.

Promoting Your Nail Business

When i started my nail business, what was on my mind was to get customers that will peptonize me on a regular bases, which drive me into searching for customers. I was very desperate at first but i later learnt a strategy that will help in the long long.

I got my customers both online and offline. How was i able to do it? Well for my online customers, I made researches on the behavior of people and gathered as much information as i can, then I selected those that are likely to patronize me then paid Facebook to show my goods to them.

This strategy help me expound my customer base, when Facebook show my goods to them, they will be redirected to my page where the drop me their contact and from there I was able to reach out to them with the list of services I offer and also broadcast to them when ever I get new set of goods.

Well if you want to buy from us, you can email us through brandsprof@gmail.com. You can also call or WhatsApp us via +2348023853821

Amount To Charge Customers For Your Nail Business

Nail salon businesses offer a number of different nail services. Manicures typically range between $15 and $25, and pedicures are usually between $25 and $45. Other major treatments include:

Full gel sets ($45 to $75)

Full acrylic sets ($30 to $60)

Silk nails ($10 to $15)

Fillers, polishes, and repairs are needed between full sets. These kinds of services range from $3 (for some repairs) to $30 (for gel polishes).

The amount you charge customers should be dependent on the general cost of making nails in that area where your nail salon is sited.
Let your services be exceptional, unique and attractive, then also make the cost of service affordable. Then watch your nail business grow.

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