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You may be wondering why it is so hard to find a job, well let us see to it together. By estimates, Nigeria produces 500,000 (five hundred thousand) graduates each year from Nigerian universities, in those 500,000 graduates produced every year only 5% of them are lucky to get jobs and start work mediately while 10% are those that their parents, friends or relatives have prepared a place for them to start working, 15% are those that have started something for themselves and others fall into the unemployed population on the graduate we have walking around the street of Lagos, Abuja, and Enugu.

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From this explanation above you will come to the half-knowledge on why it’s hard to find a job and start work in Nigeria, not only In Nigeria but in other African countries since almost all of us are passing through the same circumstance due to high rate of graduate and minimum industries that will employ those that are seeking to be employed

Many university graduates have been walking around the street due to the fact that many of them have spend lots of their energy getting better grades for themselves by going to night study, one to one study and other forms of studies practice by students in a Nigerian university.

Why It Is hard to Secure a Job in Nigeria

why it is so hard to find a job in Nigeria is due to the fact that many graduates have spent all their time studying their books and giving all their attentions to their classwork and class attendance in order to get a good continuous assessment and in turn, get a good grade after the semester.

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Most of these students that practice this very act sometimes fall into the 70% category of graduate that ends up looking for jobs around, walking about the street of Lagos, going from one office to another in search of a job in order to earn a living.

Most times it ends in premium tears because there is a shortage of industries, those that are already working can’t even boast of their stay in the company and some of them are unfortunate to lose their jobs due to economic meltdown, covid-19 outbreak, and other factors affecting the world today.

These factors add to the nemesis of the high unemployment rate in the country. The unemployment rate has risen since the covid-19 outbreak that hit the world in early 2020 as many loses jobs and companies were shut down due to lack of funds to keep running the company and spoilage of goods due to low or zero distribution.

How To Secure a Job In Nigeria

Currently, it is a difficult task to secure a job looking at the current state of the country but many people have managed to secure some jobs for themselves, how do they manage to do that you may ask, from my experience and interviews with some employed people this year, I was able to gather some information which I will be sharing with us today.

Talk To Friends and Family

This is one of the most effective ways to find a job for yourself, you can start talking to friends and relatives about the kind of job you want to start or the kind of company you want to be employed in. Many feel that for the fact unemployment rate is high, there is no employment at all, but am here to break it to you that employment is still ongoing in front of you but you can’t see it because you are not looking far.

People quit their jobs every day, people travel out of the country every day and people die every day. Those quitting, dying, and traveling out of the country hold one position or the other in their places of work, the company will need a replacement and you can be the replacement if you are available.

Talking to families and friends helps you gain more chances of getting employed in the company because one of them may have heard about a vacancy and will have to alert you so you can apply for the job.

Using Social Media

Many of us use social media to reach out to friends and families, why you use them for that purpose, there are ways you can use the same social media to find a job for yourself. Many companies now use social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to advertise the vacancies they have, you can take that as an advantage by liking companies’ pages in order to get notified when there are vacancies available.

You can alose follow important people that own a company and comment positively on their timeline in order to get noticed and get the opportunity to make your request.


You can start making friends with people that have something going for themselves, you may never know, the person might know someone who knows someone that wants a worker in their company or the person will help you find a job. You cant make it alone without connecting with people, be flexible, make friends and be outgoing so you can meet people that may be of help to you.

How To Be Self-Employed

Coming to the full knowledge of the reason the unemployment rate is high in Nigeria today, our very thought is to figure out a way to reduce this or to even escape falling into the large mass of the unemployed, the way to do this very simple! How?

Self employment

The answer is self-employment, I know you must have heard this many times, but the truth of the matter is that being self-employed is one of the ways to escape the bad omen of unemployment as a young man and young woman.

You may be asking how you can start being self-employed. We have written some articles on how to start your business with as low as N10,000 and N20,000, you can check out the article here, or you can bookmark our business guide category in order to get their ideas on how to start your business today.


There are opportunities around us but only seen by those that have prepared their mind and eyes to see them. As an unemployed person, your main aim is to find a job or get where you can be making some cash for yourself.  After reading through this article, you can make a better choice for yourself and even have a better understanding of how things are been done to achieve things.

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