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The prices of cars in Nigeria has been a trending topic ever since this year 2020 due to the fact that many people work in a far distance where they do not have quick access to commercial buses of Keke napepe.

Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa if not the biggest as it stands now, the country has experienced many set back since 2015 but the citizens have been waxing stronger and stronger every day even in that expense.

There is a recent trend in the prices of cars sold in Nigeria and how to access them. As someone living in the country I understand how hard it is sometimes to cope with the everyday struggle to get into commercial buses and the experience one has to pass through in that course.

Many Nigerians have similar experience and will do anything to get their personal car anyway the can, most of this individual doesn’t know the current prices of cars Nigeria and how to get them but in today’s topic a,m going to do my best to teach us all on how to buy a car for yourself and the prices they are sold in Nigeria as of August 2020.


Prices of Cars In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, due to the economic state of the country, things are really costlier than it was some 4 years back because of the depreciation rate of the Nigerian Naira to dollar and pounds since this cars are being imported into the country by sea, those that import this car often add their expense in order for them to make gain from the goods they have imported into the country.

Even as this fact still stands, there are people that know the value of having their own cars and can do anything to get one for themselves, if you are among them then seat tightly as I take you through the prices of 10 cars mostly search by Nigeria’s in the year 2020.


10 Most sought after cars and The Prices Of Cars in Nigeria


1. Toyota Corolla


From stat in 2019, Nigerians love this car, most people that bought cars in Nigeria as of 2018 to 2019 bought this very car as it comes with a nice design and can serve for every purpose in the hand of the owner, you can use this car to make money from airport cab driver or renting to people doing their wedding.

The Corolla is Toyota’s best-selling car model all over the world. In 1997, it recorded its highest sale both in Nigeria and around the globe. The price of this car ranges from N850,000 to N1,000,000 and you can get it from any trusted car dealer around in Nigeria.

2. Toyota Camry


A true Nigeria we agree with me that while walking on the way, you can count the numbers of Toyota Camry cars you see on the way more often than the numbers of other cars. This car only started gaining massive acceptance in the early 2000s.

The regular users of Toyota Camry cars range from the slightly rich to those with fairly good incomes, the company has made a huge amount of money only from the use of Nigerians. A brand new Camry is sold for about N15 million to N30 million naira while used Toyota Camry cars have a starting price of N600,000. The precise pricing is, however, largely dependent on the model.

3. Honda Accord


Honda has made many wonderful cars that will please you to have one, I personally have a test for honda cars and will always go for the car any day at any time when called upon. The prices of Honda accord from the new one to tokunbo ranges from N650,000 30,000,000

4. Toyota Avensis


This model has a simple and clean cabin and is similar to the Corolla and Camry when it comes to efficiency ratings. It is great for ride-sharing services and is durable. It is also high on safety ratings. The Avensis has a simple and attractive design in addition to being very easily maintained and fuel-efficient. The price of this car from Toqumbo to a new one ranges from N950,000 to 35,000,000.

5. Toyota Sienna


The love of Nigerians to this car is another thing the Sienna is loved due to space and the durability it offers. It can fit a family of six and this spacious feature is the reason transport companies love Sienna.

The car is the trademark low cost of maintenance that the Toyota products are known. It is like an alternative to the Sports Utility Vehicle and a new Toyota Sienna 2019 model costs between N18 million to N30 million naira. Meanwhile, used Toyota Sienna cars have a starting price of N600,000.

6. Totoya Highlander


most used Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in Nigeria. It is a vehicle that was designed to suit the nature of Nigeria’s bad roads, the car can survive the bad road that Nigeria has had for years. This car is majorly used by people of a certain age? However, usage of this SUV cuts across different social classes.

Due to its fuel efficiency and the ease with which it can be maintained, the Highlander has become very popular on Nigerian roads. The price of the car ranges from. N950,000 to N35,000,000

7. Volkswagen Golf


Many Nigerians go for this very car because of its affordability and ruggedness of the economic situation of the country. It was the toast of low-income earners at first, but with the introduction of many more designs, other income groups also joined the patronage. The prices range from N650,000

8. Honda Pilot


This Honda Pilot is Honda’s most patronized Sports Utility Vehicle in Nigeria, it has been and will be for a long time since Nigerians consider many factors before going for cars and road and durability being at the top.

Although some years ago, this position was occupied by the Honda Element, that is no longer the case. This car provides a very comfortable ride and protects its rider from the discomfort of Nigerian roads. The prices start from N950,000

9. Range Rover Sport


This car is at the top of most Nigerians mind, many of them want to use the car even those that can’t afford it at the moment wants to have a test of it. This car is mostly used by those in Nigeria we may count as the rich, it is kind of hard to get a car that is as wonderful as this being use by a common Nigeria household.

Nigerian celebrities have, however, cornered this car as a sign of their arrival in the industry. If you are a regular listener of Nigerian songs, you would easily remember this lyric, “Mama when I hammer, I will buy you, Range Rover. The price of this car start from N6,000,000

10. Nissan Pathfinder


The Nissan Pathfinder has lasted the test of time on Nigerian roads due to its sports features and can survive in Nigerians road. This SUV is perhaps more popular than a lot of Nissan sedans. The prices of this car start at N950,000.


Used Cars Prices In Nigeria

If you are looking for used cars to buy in Nigeria, you can check out the prices I listed above since most of them can get be gotten as Tokunbo. Meanwhile, these are the best cars to buy as tokunbo as some cars do not have second-hand value.

1. Toyota Highlander

2. Nissan Xterra

3. Toyota Camry

4. Toyota Highlander

5. Nissan Pathfinder

6. Mercedes-Benz G Class

7. Toyota Corolla

8. Toyota Venza

9. Lexus RX 350

10. Honda Accord


Tokunbo Cars For Sale In Nigeria

While buying Tokunbo cars in Nigeria, there are things you need to check before buying them so you won’t buy what may end getting spoiled in few weeks or one that will make you spend money any unnecessarily.

1. Check how long the previous owner used the car: it’s always good to know how long the previous owner has used the car so to know the specific period the car can serve.

2. Check the engine: Always check the car engine and how sound it is.

3. The car body: You will not like to buy a rough body car.

4. Check the health: You can use some matching to check if the car is still healthy.

5. Check the car functions: IS good you know how the car you are buying will perform when bought.

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